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13030392921 (number)

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13030392921 is the 13030392921st number, and has applications in mathematics, chemistry, biology and international politics. It's broad applicability has attracted significant attention to the number in recent decades.



The number dates back to it's original invention in 4004BC. It was ignored for many centuries until the great Hermit Atriata made a vow in 2510BC, that he would count until the day he died. Approximately 413 years later, he was still counting

13030392918, 13030392919, 13030392920,

When he suddenly exclaimed "Oh my goodness! What an astounding number!" and expired on the spot.

In more recent times, Euler proved that it is not possible to construct a regular 13030392921-gon using only a ruler and a compass. This was revolutionary at the time, and so impressed Euler that in his will, he requested that a regular 13030392921-gon be inscribed on his tombstone. The stonemason refused, however, saying that a regular 13030392921-gon would look too much like a potato.

Euler's original proof was quite complicated. Modern mathematical developments have found a simpler proof, which goes as follows.

Theorem : It is not possible to construct a regular 13030392921-gon using only a ruler and a compass.

Proof : One needs paper also. And perhaps some kind of writing implement, like a pencil for example. A large bag of black jelly-beans also helps.

Another mathematician who noted the significance of this number was Fermat. While studying a manuscript by Descartes, he came across the formula :

"The equation 2^x + 2^y = 2^z has many solutions where x,y and z are positive integers"

Fermat wrote in the margin of the manuscript

"Veni, Vidi, Vici"

which may be roughly translated

"In fact, the equation 13030392921^x + 13030392921^y = 13030392921^z has no solutions for positive integers x, y and z. I have found a truly wonderful proof of this fact, but this margin has not enough space to contain it. In any case, what better way to ensure my mathematical immortality than to claim to have proved some problem that even a bunny rabbit can see is so difficult that it won't be solved for 300 years. Anyway, it's time for me to get a cup of coffee and go and watch Discovery Channel"

Importance in Other Sciences

--- 13030392921 is a composite number, and is therefore important in the biological process of decomposition.

Some physical chemists have speculated that if this number (or its article) were deleted, the integer number system which forms the foundational basis for mathematics, and therefore logic, physics, chemistry, life, common sense and everything we hold dear (George Bush's foreign policy is, of course, excluded here), would undergo a spontaneous and irreversible collapse, being immediately replaced by a mathematics even more inscrutable, and even more likely to be a pre-requisite for first year college students. Others are more sceptical.

�Sure, it would mean that 13030392920 plus 1 was 13030392922, but I can handle that.�

~ Oscar Wilde

13030392921 in philosophy

Since 13030392921 is half of 42 times 620494901, there are obvious ramifications for the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything.

13030392921 in cyberspace

The domain name 13030392921.com remains unregistered.