There are over 6000 languages in the world, of which I speak a little over 0.03%

Despite this rather poor percentage, I am fascinated by languages, and try to catch a phase or two at least in those I am exposed to.

  • Check out the "Jesus Christ is Lord" project, and the "I Love You" project. In these pages, I have attempted to collect these phrases in as many languages of the world as possible. Maybe you can help!
  • See also English As She Is Spoke, a collection of humourous mistakes in the usage of the English language - including many by native speakers...
  • Also on my humour page is Noodles, a collection of weird poems... These apparently random collections of English words make up meaningful phrases in Malay when read out loud. Try them!
  • See Blog Entries about Language.
That's All Folks! Hope you enjoy this page...