The following meaningful and significant ancient poems should be read out loud

  • By a native speaker of English,
  • Without pausing for breath,
  • To someone who speaks Malay (or a related language, such as Indonesian),
  • A few times, if necessary.

Only then will the true meaning be revealed, and the depth of centuries of tradition be understood. If you like, read them one or two times to yourself, so as to get used to the unfamiliar wording.

Poem 1:
Ma, gimme! Ma, gimme! Chirp at dim are suck. Sir D'Aptee, Ma can't!
Poem 2:
Must sook an meek add alarm, do art eager, char one; Ah! Ear pun us.
Poem 3:
Seek it, seek it! Llama, llama! Jar de-book it.
Poem 4:
Loam putt seek a tuck loam putt
Loam butler tin ghee, tin ghee
Chirp butler a deck chirp putt
Chirp butler bung on par ghee par ghee!
Poem 5:
Boo arch hamper duck, dill warp a gar
Am bill galah, toll long Joe lock un-
Sigh a boo duck, bar Rouble a jar
Car louse a lard, toll long Toon Jew can!
I plan to include more such poems if I uncover any more while studying Bahasa Melayu...