The "Jesus Christ Is Lord!" project

This is the "Jesus Christ Is Lord!" project. It is inspired by the "I can eat glass" project. The aim of the project is to collect the phrase "Jesus Christ Is Lord!" in as many languages as possible. It began on the 5th of August 1997 with a pitiful 4 languages.

Let Every Tongue Confess!!!

  1. Afrikaans: Jesus Christus is Here! 
  2. Arabic: Click Here to see it. 
  3. Albanian: Jezu Krishti �sht� Zot!
  4. Bengali: Click Here to see it.;
  5. Bosnian: Isus Krist je Gospodin!
  6. Catalan: Jesucrist és el Senyor!
  7. Chinese: Click Here to see it. 
  8. Czech: Ježíš Kristus je Pán! or Click Here to see it. 
  9. Danish: Jesus Kristus er Herre! 
  10. Dutch: Jezus Christus is de Heere! 
  11. English: Jesus Christ is Lord!
  12. Finnish: Jeesus Kristus on Herra!
  13. French: Jésus Christ est Seigneur!
  14. German: Jesus Christus ist der Herr!
  15. Greek (New Testament): KurioV IhsouV CristoV ! or, KURIOSIHSOUSCRISTOS !, or Click Here to see it.
  16. Hebrew: Click Here to see it.
  17. Hindi: Click Here to see it.
  18. Indonesian: Yesus Kristuslah Tuhan!
  19. Italian: Ges� Cristo � il Signore!
  20. Kannada: Click Here to see it.
  21. Khmer: Click Here to see it.
  22. Latin: Dominus Iesus Christus!
  23. Malay: Yesus Kristuslah Tuhan!
  24. Manobo: Magboboot si Jesu-Cristo to tibo!
  25. Norwegian: Jesus er Herre!
  26. Polish: Jezus Chrystus jest Panem!
  27. Portugese: Jesus Cristo é o Senhor!
  28. Romanian: Iisus Hristos este Domnul!
  29. Russian: Click Here to see it.
  30. Spanish: Jesucristo es el Señor!
  31. Swedish: Jesus Kristus är Herre!
  32. Tagalog: Si Jesus Kristo ang Panginoon!
  33. Tamil: Click Here to see it.
  34. Thai: Click Here to see it.

That's all for now!! If you know any more, or have a Bible in some other language, please let me know! Look up Philippians 2:11 in your Bible translation.