This page is the page of DVDMaker, a Java utility that creates scripts for dvd-slideshow

DVDMaker takes a directory of image a movie files. It asks the user to give titles to some of the slides. Then, it creates a script (and some supporting files) that will call various utilities to create a DVD movie of your slides and photos.


  • For DVDMaker itself :
  • For the script
    • A Linux environment, 
    • dvd-slideshow
    • mplayer
    • dvd encoding software.
See my blog entries on burning DVD's and the dvd-slideshow page for information on how to install some of these.

Warning, this software is version 0.1 beta! You may like to download DVDMaker, or read the usage instructions. Or, you might like to see (below) an example of the final output :

The license for DVDMaker is :

  • If you merely use it, you will have fulfilled the licence terms if you make a donation to a charitable organisation.
  • If you make changes to it, and release or distribute changed versions of the software, you are bound by the GPL (Gnu Public Licence).