Bad-Choice Brand Names

The following are items found overseas in which people have made inappropriate use of English words for various products.

        Clean Finger Nail      -  Chinese tissues

        Kolic                  -  Japanese mineral water

        Creap Creamy Powder    -  Japanese Coffee Creamer

        Last Climax            -  Japanese tissues  

        Swine                  -  Chinese chocolates

        Pocari Sweat           -  Japanese sport drink

        Shocking               -  Japanese chewing gum

        Cat Wetty              -  Japanese moistened hand towels

        Pipi                   -  Yugoslavian orangeade

        Polio                  -  Czechoslovakian laundry detergent

        Crundy                 -  Japanese gourmet candy

        I'm Dripper            -  Japanese instant coffee

        Zit                    -  Greek soft drink

        Colon Plus             -  Spanish detergent

Enjoy them? If you see any more, Let me know!!