Glossary of Management Terms

The following glossary lists the definitions of many commonly-used management terms. It has been compiled after many hours of intense research into corporate strategy and planning. Additions / Corrections are welcome

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Bottom line (n): Reason for firing people.

Cold Storage (v): Fire a person.

Concentrate on Core Business (n): Fire people.

Consolidate (v): Fire people.

Cost-cutting (n): Firing people.

Cut costs (v): Fire people.

Downsize (v): Fire people.

Economise/Economize (v): Fire people.

Enhance Shareholder Value (v): Fire people.

Focus on Essentials (v): Fire people.

Give the sack (v): Fire a person.

Hostile Takeover (n): Firing other people.

Human Capital (n): Fireable people.

Human Resources (n): Department administrating people-firing.

Job Redefinition (n): Firing people.

Lighten (the organisation) (v): Fire people.

Manage costs (v): Fire people.

Merger (n): Firing people.

Minimise/Minimize capital outflow (v): Fire people.

Move Offshore (v): Fire people.

Offshore (adj): see Move Offshore.

Outsource (v): Fire useful people.

Overhead Reduction (n): Firing people.

Pink Slip (n): You're fired.

Quit (v): Fire yourself.

Rationalisation/Rationalization (n): Firing people.

Redundancy (n): Firing people.

Reshuffling (n): Making people wish you were firing people.

Resign (v): Fire yourself.

Resize (v): Fire people.

Resource Consolidation (n): Firing people.

Restructuring (n): Firing people.

Retirement (n): Firing older people.

Sack (v): Fire (a person).

Smartsize (v): Fire people.

Staff Reduction (n): Firing people.

Streamline (v): Fire people.

Takeover (n): Firing people.

Termination (n): Firing people.

Trim (v): Fire people.

Voluntary Redundancy (n): Firing experienced people.

Zoroastrians (n): Fire people.