Michael Hartley's Sunbird Page

In May-June 1998, a pair of Olive-Backed Sunbirds (Nectarinia Jugularis) made their nest outside my window. This page records the experience...

There are many species of sunbird around the world, each one quite easy to distinguish from the others. The Olive-Backed Sunbird is native to parts of Southeast Asia, and also tropical Australia, where it is called the Yellow-Bellied Sunbird. The information available here is divided into three sections:
  • Sunbird Letters, a series of letters I wrote to friends and family about the sunbirds. Come here for a detailed account of the whole event.
  • Sunbird News. I had no idea what the birds were when they first arrived. This series of articles posted to the rec.birds shows how I found out.
  • Sunbird Gallery, a gallery of about a dozen photographs of the birds.

The information on these pages may be freely reproduced for educational purposes. Please note that I am a mathematician by training, not an ornithologist. Don't assume that information on this page is 100% scientifically correct!!