A history of my website

These pages were first set up on Saturday the 15th of July, 1995, in order to provide "mirrors" (in Australia) of various pages in the United States dealing with the most recent wave of renewal to come upon the church of Jesus Christ the Lord, the so-called "Toronto Blessing" (aka New Wine, or Holy Laughter).
  • Mid-late July 1995: Initial setting up, and re-working the pages to make them presentable. Learning how to use the HTML language. First few bits and pieces installed.
  • Early August 1995: First Toronto Blessing Mirror installed. These pages became linked under the Maths Department Homepage. Personal Maths pages started. A couple of pretty pictures installed.
  • Mid August 1995: Another Toronto Blessing Mirror installed. Maths pages expanded to include Maths Jokes page, and Thesis outline. A few people given the address, so they can try it out and see if it works.
  • Early September 1995: Pages publically announced for the first time.
  • Mid-Late September 1995: Some other people's homepages linked in (now unlinked, since the list got too out-of-date), and the PhD page revised and revamped.
  • Late March 1996: Revamped the Feedback Page (now removed), to make it easier for people to reply to the feedback that other people give.
  • Early April 1996: Installed Counters on a number of pages, and installed a picture of myself.
  • June 1996: Camp Web Page! (now removed, as the camp is over).
  • July 1996: Various Cosmetic changes, to make the pages nicer and easier to navigate.
  • July-August 1997: Started the Jesus Christ Is Lord! project.
  • September 1997: Began the move to Angelfire. Some pages, such as the Toronto Blessings files, were not transfered, due to the fact that they were too large, and because the original pages were in the same country as Angelfire's server, and because I hadn't been finding the time to keep the mirrors updated anyway...
  • October 1997 - February 1999: Forgot to update this file as I made changes. A piece of history forever disappears into the void of forgetfulness. Anyway, not much except that a number of new pages were added.
  • April 1999: Reorganized the pages a little, and added some javascript to make the appearance more uniform (including putting counters on every page). Added four new pages, most notably a Game you can play through your browser, and a page to Find your Name in p.
  • May-June 1999: Continued experimenting with perl and CGI, set up a system to discover how visitors stumble upon my web pages. Mostly from search engines, it turns out.
  • September 1999: Installed pages related to my wedding
  • December 1999-January 2000: Added a few more pages.
  • July 2000: overhauled my page of Maths Puzzles, also updated the wedding page, so that you can see the wedding webcam, and the studio photos. A number of other pages also modified.
  • June 2001: a few more pages, ending with baby photos!
  • July 2001 - February 2006: very little done. No time!
  • March 2006: Registered the domain http://www.dr-mikes-maths.com/

That's all so far!!