Welcome to What I Like!

Many Many Many things... here are just a few...

  • I like Maths. It's also what I do for a living. Check out my Maths page - some technical stuff (eg my PhD page), and some fun stuff (Find your name in p!), and more...
  • I like Nature. See my webpages devoted to the largest animals on earth!. Or, you may want to check out my Sunbird pages - A pair of Olive-Backed Sunbirds (aka Yellow-Bellied Sunbirds) made their nest outside my window. These pages tell the story.
  • I like Languages. I can even speak one! Check out my Languages page - How do you say "I love you" in German? Or "Jesus Christ is Lord" in Hebrew? Find out here!
  • I like Games. Check out my Mancala page, where you can play Mancala from your browser! Mancala is a traditional game in many cultures, and very easy to learn. Pit your wits against a friend or against the computer. Works best with Netscape Communicator, also works (but not so well) with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x. Not tested with Netscape 3.x, doesn't work with Explorer 3.
  • I like Java. The programming language, that is. See my Java Page.