Polytopes Derived from Sporadic Simple Groups - Auxiliary Information

This web page contains auxiliary information for the article Polytopes Derived from Sporadic Simple Groups, submitted to Experimental Mathematics in July 2006.

In that article, the twelve smallest sporadic simple groups were studied, and for each one, the polytopes having that group as an automorphism group were enumerated. This page contains links to extra information that could not be adequately contained in the article.

In particular, the generators of the automorphism groups of every polytope discovered are stored in the file sporpolys.tgz (6.7 Mb, uncompresses to 18 Mb), as permutations. These may be read into GAP via the command


issued from the folder into which sporpolys.tgz is unzipped.

I also provide links to tables summarising the polytopes for each group.

There is a small intersection between this work and earlier work by Leemans and Vauthier. Note that the latter does not distinguish polytopes from their duals.